Austinvilla has a small but mighty team that consists of caretakers, wedding coordinators, cleaners, chefs, bartenders and admin superstars.

Our experienced team will guide you along your event journey and understands the importance of meeting each prospective couple’s individual wants and needs.

Tracey Welten


As the Director of Austinvilla Estate, Tracey’s priority is ensuring you will always remember the days you spent on the Estate as an unforgettable experience, Wedding, Event or Corporate. With years of industry experience, Tracey was awarded 2019 Businesswoman of the Year for her excellence in delivering her professional and dedicated approach.

Jasmine Grace

General Manager & Creative Director

Jasmine Grace is more than a General Manager; she’s a visionary leader, environmental advocate, and champion of well-being. Through her leadership, Austinvilla Wedding Estate and Clay Wellness Retreat stand as a testament to the possibilities when passion, creativity, and environmental consciousness converge.

Ilona Davies

Wedding & Events Coordinator

Ilona Davies orchestrates magical weddings and events at Austinvilla Estate. Her meticulous planning, attention to detail, and personalised approach ensure that every celebration is flawlessly executed, leaving lasting memories.

Shannon Przybylski

Wedding Assistant & Guest Experience

Shannon Przybylski plays an integral role in assisting with weddings and enhancing the overall guest experience at Austinvilla Estate. Her dedication and enthusiasm ensure that every guest feels welcomed and valued.

Leonie McGrath

Head of Housekeeping & Guest Experience

As the Head of Housekeeping, Leonie McGrath leads the team in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort for our guests. Her commitment to excellence contributes significantly to the impeccable guest experience.

Zoe Roberts

Housekeeping & Guest Experience

Zoe Roberts ensures the immaculate presentation of our accommodations and facilities, playing a pivotal role in maintaining a pristine environment. Her dedication to guest satisfaction is evident in her attention to detail.

Kirra Lines

Housekeeping & Guest Experience

Kirra Lines’ meticulousness and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness contribute to the exceptional guest experience at Austinvilla Estate.

Julz Tahi


Julz is a highly passionate and brings with her meticulous attention to detail, exceptional care for her clients and a world of experience. Julz loves the emotive process behind the wedding planning and loves seeing the expression of each of the couples when they first see their fiancé on their wedding day!

John Edwards


John Edwards diligently cares for the estate, ensuring its security, maintenance, and overall upkeep. His dedication and commitment contribute significantly to maintaining the charm and functionality of Austinvilla Estate.

Peter Zuber


Peter Zuber manages the grounds team, ensuring the beauty and functionality of Austinvilla Estate’s outdoor spaces. His expertise in landscaping and grounds management enhances the overall guest experience.

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