Our team is taking on Australia’s toughest team endurance event, The Kokoda Challenge, to support the Kokoda Youth Foundation. This organization is dedicated to transforming the lives of young Australians by instilling the values epitomized by the Spirit of Kokoda: Courage, Endurance, Mateship, and Sacrifice.

The Kokoda Challenge is more than just a physical test; it’s a journey that pushes participants to their limits and fosters a deep sense of camaraderie and perseverance. By taking part in this challenge, we aim to honor the legacy of the soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track during World War II and to embody the qualities that saw them through such difficult times.

Why We Need Your Support

Participating in this event is a significant commitment, both physically and financially. Funds raised through this challenge go directly to the Kokoda Youth Foundation, which runs programs designed to empower young people, helping them to build resilience, leadership skills, and a sense of community.

About the Kokoda Youth Foundation

The Kokoda Youth Foundation provides education, support, and services to young people aged 12-18 through various adventure-based youth programs offered free of charge to participants. We are self-funded through the Kokoda Challenge endurance events and the Outdoor Education camps we operate. Woven through all we do is the history of the Kokoda Campaign of WWII, drawing inspiration from our Australian Diggers to change lives through the Spirit of Kokoda.

How You Can Help

Your donations will make a meaningful difference, enabling the Foundation to continue their vital work with youth. Whether it’s a small or large contribution, every bit helps us get closer to our fundraising goal and supports the Foundation’s mission.

Our Commitment

We are training hard and preparing ourselves mentally and physically to take on this challenge. We are inspired by the values of the Kokoda Spirit and are committed to giving our all in this event. Your support not only motivates us but also drives us to push our limits and achieve something extraordinary.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us support a cause that can change the lives of young Australians.

How to Donate


We appreciate your support.

Tracey Welten, Director and Team

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